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New Clownfish Pairs

Click on the name links below for each pair to see videos & picture updates.


 1 Adam & Eve both are Extreme Black Ice Ocellaris Clownfish


1a TRM & WhiteHornet a Wyoming White & a Premium Black Ice

wyoming white with a black ice clownfish




1b Gorby WorldMap 

 meh & gorby worldmap (both are premium black ice)



1c El Diablo (black Ice ocellaris) & Chicken little (platinum percula clownfish)   


clownfish el diablo and chicken little perc with ocillaris clownfish


 1d  "Maverick"&"MaGillsis"  both are Premium Black Ice Ocellaris clownfish



1e Temperance & Sir Barton 

Misbarro&Missbarra misbar clownfish

misbar clownfish dot misbarro


 Blackbeard & Oliveoil

unique clownfish


 DCdirtytail&BlueMarvel  Dirty tailed clownfish and blue marvel clownfish wyoming white mutt clownfish

awesome clownfish unique ocellaris


Fancy Romeo & Juliet Longfin Clownfish

 longfin clownfish bonded pair





bullethole buckshot clownfish bonded pair



Zero-Cool&Libby wyoming whites with white spots and lots of blue tint to them 

unique clownfish




Edith & Archie:  both Wyoming white clownfish, these are the ones without the 2 red dots.

wyoming white clownfish


Big reg & Misbar clownfish:

big clown fish breeder size pair



Red & White Whine:

These 2 are doing good now. The Wyoming White came from the the Wyoming White grow out tank and so the Black Ice from the Black Ice grow out group, both were getting ganged up on. They are doing well now and we made them another mixed pair. The Black Ice has extremely good black accents fins. We are interested in seeing what their fry look like. 
clownfish pair for sale


 Dit&Da Morse:

clownfish unique





Pairs ready for a new home.